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No Pasta! – What To Do When Going Low-Carb

“What do you eat when you don’t eat pasta, potatoes or rice?” That’s probably the most common question I get when I talk to someone who eats a “normal” diet. They are mostly referring to what you have with the … Continue reading

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5 simple ways of increasing your health exponentially

1. Eat real food. Buy whole foods. By cooking fresh produce, you know what you are putting into your body. Make sure you find good quality produce. Go local as far as possible and try to choose vegetables that are … Continue reading

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LCHF – Low Carbohydrate High Fat 101

As you can predict from the name you cut out most of the food containing carbohydrates exchange the energy source to fat instead. What does that mean in real life then? It’s pretty easy. Eat as much as you want … Continue reading

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