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The Liver – a Silent Multitasker

Located under the right arch of the rib cage, the liver silently performes it’s never ending tasks of detoxifying, metabolizing, decomposing, building and rebuilding. This metabolic organ, weighing about 1,5 kg (3,5 lb), is vitally important and we have no … Continue reading

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Insulin – the key to the sugar door.

Insulin is a hormone, a protein that is built in the beta-cells of the pancreas, a gland located in the upper part of the abdomen.   Pancreas, anatomy. Insulin is continuously made and stored in special vesicles (little storage bubbles in the … Continue reading

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Carbohydrates AKA sugars

Sugars are built of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen in many different formations. In the body they are used as a direct energy source, or can be stored as energy for later use (fat). The simplest sugar molecules are glucose (grape … Continue reading

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