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Low Carbohydrate Diet Might Be Better for Losing Weight and Improving Heart Health.

For a long time we have been told that the best way for us to maintain our weight or lose some is to go low fat and restrict our calorie intake. The calories in, calories out paradigm has been the … Continue reading

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Ketogenic diet – a remedy for Diabetes?

So far, diabetics have had to resolve to getting insulin through multiple injections daily (or through a insulin pump). All diabetics have been taught to eat a “heart healthy” low-fat diet, with a lot of carbohydrates and they learn to … Continue reading

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5 simple ways of increasing your health exponentially

1. Eat real food. Buy whole foods. By cooking fresh produce, you know what you are putting into your body. Make sure you find good quality produce. Go local as far as possible and try to choose vegetables that are … Continue reading

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Mitochondria – the secret behind aging?

Mitochondria are the power plants in our cells. They are responsible for the production of most of energy, in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). They are complex organelles (small structures that are parts of each cell, just like the … Continue reading

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Stop eating?

A friend of mine sent me this articleĀ and asked for my opinion on the subject. Apparently Robert Heart has found a way to expel everything that has with food and cooking out of his life by making a soy-based mix, … Continue reading

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