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No Pasta! – What To Do When Going Low-Carb

“What do you eat when you don’t eat pasta, potatoes or rice?”

That’s probably the most common question I get when I talk to someone who eats a “normal” diet. They are mostly referring to what you have with the fish, meat, poultry or other source of protein on your plate. It seems to be the biggest challenge for most of us when trying to low carb. What do I have instead? How can I survive without the pasta, bread, potatoes/tubers, rice, quinoa and cous-cous that I usually eat? Won’t my food become super boring?

No worries, here are a couple of ideas for you, to start with!

Cauliflower mash instead of potato mash. You do it pretty much the same way as you would a potato mash.
Boil the cauliflowers until soft, pour out most of the water. Mash them with an immersion blender, add butter, cream and seasonings to your taste. I like to fry finely cut bacon in butter and add that too the cauliflower and then mash it all together, sometimes with additional butter and some cream. It’s delicious! Once you’ve had it, you can’t stop!

Zucchini pasta instead of the normal pasta. Take zucchini, slice it thin, most easily done with a cheese slicer, and boil it for a couple of minutes. Add your favorite pasta sauce, enjoy!

Cauliflower rice instead of white rice.
Take a cauliflower head, grate it coarsely so you get pieces the size of rice. Boil it in water with a bit of salt for about 3-5 min. Pour out the water, enjoy with sauce, meat, chicken or whatever you usually have with rice.
It’s possible to do sushi with it too, but that requires a little bit more thought in how to get it sticky. Check out Awesome Åshild’s recipe:

Forget all about the rice, pasta, potatoes and other carby stuff.
Make a giant salad with leafy greens, cucumber, bell pepper, feta cheese/other cheese you like, sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds/nuts, olives, ham/fried bacon and pour lot’s of olive oil on top.

You can just steam cauliflower and broccoli, let grass fed butter melt on top and savor it!

Make stuffed bell peppers in the oven. Fill them with cheese of your choice, some onion and mushroom and enjoy!

Wrap asparagus in bacon and fry in grass fed butter or coconut oil. Yummy!!!

Please share your discoveries as you try out this awesome way of living!



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