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The Adrenal Glands – The Conductor of the Stress Orchestra

These little glands are kind of pyramid shaped and situated on top of your kidneys, far back in your abdominal cavity, on each side of the spine. They share the space in between the retroperitoneum – the connective tissue that … Continue reading

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Hypothyroidism – being on the backburner.

The thyroid is a very important player when it comes to regulating our metabolism and as a result our energy levels. To read more about what the thyroid does, go here. Thyroid issues is very common in the industrialized world … Continue reading

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Thyroid – to burn or not to burn

Thyroid hormone is one of the main metabolic regulators in the body. It virtually affects every cell and if nutrients will be used for energy or stored. Thyroid hormone comes from the thyroid, a gland located in the front of … Continue reading

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