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Leptin, part 1 – how fat controlls you

“What the heck is leptin?”- you rightfully ask your self. Hang on and I’ll do my best to explain. Leptin is a small protein – a hormone – that is secreted from your adipose tissue, your fat cells. I bet … Continue reading

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Bare feet – returning to the natural movement

For a long time I hated running. I’ve tried many types of shoes, gone to specialized stores, had my feet stared at or recorded while running at thread mills. I’ve been standing on glass boxes and being told I was … Continue reading

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Ketosis – keep that fat burning.

Do you know what ketosisĀ is? Not long ago it was a word that almost only professionals in the medical field were using. With the increasing popularity of low-carbohydrate diets this word has become more commonly used, some even say they … Continue reading

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