LCHF – Low Carbohydrate High Fat 101

As you can predict from the name you cut out most of the food containing carbohydrates exchange the energy source to fat instead.
What does that mean in real life then?

It’s pretty easy.

Eat as much as you want of:

  • Meat, fish, poultry, eggs
  • Butter, coconut oil, olive oil
  • Vegetables growing over ground, like broccoli, kale, salad, asparagus.

Be careful with: 

  • Alcohol, especially beer and other malt or sugar containing drinks.
  • Dairy products, they contain a lot of milk sugar, lactate. Be sure to use the ones with a high fat content.

Avoid eating:

  • Sugar in all ways, that includes honey and agave sugars.
  • Starch rich foods. That is pretty much everything growing under ground, like potatoes and carrots, and also pasta, bread and rice.
  • Fruits in any bigger amounts.

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The good thing is that you should eat until your feeling full, no hunger required. You’ll still loose weight, if that’s your goal.
If you already have your ideal weight, you don’t have to worry, you’ll keep it, with some minor changes in you body composition probably.
As long as you keep your insulin levels down, by keeping your blood glucose levels down you’ll be getting all the health benefits from this way of living.

Does it sound difficult?
Here’s a simple menu:

Breakfast: Bacon and scrambled eggs with cheese.
Lunch: Salad with feta cheese, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, egg, tuna and olive oil.
Dinner: Minced meat burgers, with cheese topping and mayonnaise,  served with all the usual burger toppings but no bread.

Snacks (if needed): A handful of peanuts or other nuts. A hard boiled egg with mayonnaise. A handful of chopped sausage and cheese.

There’ll be more recipes and menu suggestions coming up!


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