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Diabetes – when blood sugar regulation goes bananas.

I think most of you have heard about diabetes. It’s a disease where the body can’t handle sugar anymore, for various reasons. There are two main types of diabetes – type 1 and 2. Type 1 is inherited and not … Continue reading

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Watch “Epigenetics and the influence of our genes: Courtney Griffins at TEDxOU” on YouTube

I find this talk very interesting and easy to understand. Gives you an explanation of how you actually can affect your health and life span. No exact examples of how to do it, but rest assured, I will provide you … Continue reading

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Stop eating?

A friend of mine sent me this article and asked for my opinion on the subject. Apparently Robert Heart has found a way to expel everything that has with food and cooking out of his life by making a soy-based mix, … Continue reading

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Why go for drugs when you can benefit from training?

Recently a new study showed that the benefits of exercising might be impaired by the commonly prescribed, lipid lowering statins (named Zocord, Simvastatin and Crestor etc). Cholesterol lowering drugs are commonly subscribed to people with, what in medicine is called, … Continue reading

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LCHF – Low Carbohydrate High Fat 101

As you can predict from the name you cut out most of the food containing carbohydrates exchange the energy source to fat instead. What does that mean in real life then? It’s pretty easy. Eat as much as you want … Continue reading

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Insulin – the key to the sugar door.

Insulin is a hormone, a protein that is built in the beta-cells of the pancreas, a gland located in the upper part of the abdomen.   Pancreas, anatomy. Insulin is continuously made and stored in special vesicles (little storage bubbles in the … Continue reading

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Cholesterols – good or bad? Part 2 – What does it mean?

You’ve probably heard about good and bad cholesterol. Maybe from your doctor, when reading articles or on TV. But there is really nothing good or bad about them, they just have different roles in the body and without them we … Continue reading

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