Welcome to my vision, quest, adventure and life project!
I want to share my knowledge of the body, from the inner processes in the cell to the multifaceted system that makes us who we are. Amazing beings with thoughts, feelings, beliefs, spirituality, body movement, making an impact in this world.
I hope to share this with you to give you as many tools as possible to make informed decisions about your health. I want to inspire you to live healthy, to reconnect to your body and your soul. Lets take a step a way from the focus on pathology, that is the common denominator in the world of medicine, and look at the pathways that will keep you healthy, happy, vibrant and alive instead.

I have a firm belief that our bodies are built to last, that most of the illnesses and sicknesses we encounter today are the results of our lifestyles.
We tend to abuse our bodies rather than use them. In many ways we have lost connection with the body and have difficulties understanding the signals (sometimes high screams) that it sends out. As we loose connection with our selves we tend to loose connection with nature and the people around us. And as a result we tend to become lonely and afraid. We start to hide when we need to connect, to our selves and others.

I know that we can live lives that are building us up instead of tearing us down.  Lives where we celebrate our selves and love our bodies, where we feel unstoppable and awesome!
We can strengthen the regenerating systems that already exists. I want you to support the pathways that were laid down thousands of years ago, when our ancestors walked this earth.
I want you to understand what proper nutrition, exercise, wellness, connection, spirituality and mindfulness is for you and I hope to support you in making the necessary changes.
I want you to support your self to be able to live a life that is long, healthy, fulfilling and happy.

I believe that by being our best selves, we will spread positive ripples through the world. When we feel healthy, happy, harmonious and strong, those feelings will affect our family and friends and perhaps the whole community.

I intend on filling this space with interesting information, my own thoughts, stand points and what I find to be true. I want to write about the processes that go on in our bodies, my experiences as I try different foods, explore different possibilities, training methods, spiritual practices and nature connection. When it comes to diets, there will always be controversy and it’s virtually impossible to measure the real effects of them.
Naturally I have my stand point when it comes to what is best for the body, and I try, as best as I can, to base it in the basics – the cellular biology and biochemistry. Since the body is a complicated system, where any one thing affects many other things and they in their turn affects the first thing back, it is sometimes very difficult to pinpoint the cause and effect.
I am sure we can grow in this knowledge together and bring clarity to our minds and a broader understanding of what it means to be human. I invite you to join me in this journey!

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